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Building a Center of Hope and Forging the Future Together

Forge Christian High School is a new ministry of Grace Church of Arvada. God provided the 2023 marriage of Faith Christian High School and Grace Church as the answer to prayers of both. One was facing imminent closure after a 51-year legacy of providing quality Christian education. The other was facing disappointment after learning its visionary Center of Hope building to expand youth and community ministries could take years and millions of dollars more than expected to build.

In November of 2022, Grace Church was given the opportunity to purchase the property where Faith Christian High School existed until it’s last day on May 25, 2023. Grace purchased 4890 Carr Street in March of 2023 and announced that Forge Christian High School would open in August of 2023 as a new school with a new vision and mission.

We are so incredibly grateful for the generosity of Grace Church of Arvada in meeting the goal for cash needed to close on the Carr Street property for Forge. Grace Church is launching Forge Christian High School because the church believes that our students are the future. It is now our opportunity as Forge parents, grandparents, and friends to contribute to this great cause that will impact our students and many more in years to come.

We are now entering a $4M+ renovation phase, and soon after that, the plan is to begin building both a new Athletic Fieldhouse and Performing Arts Center in the coming years.

Our students need us. Please join us and give to the Forge Fund today to impact your student and many more as Forge shapes the next generation of Christian Leaders! Consider making a 3-year pledge for future donations in order to meet the goals ahead.

Your 3-year commitment is imperative to providing the best for Forge students. We can do this together!

Links below include a pledge card to make a 3-year commitment and a link to setup your secure online giving.

An important message from Andrew Hasz, Head of School with an invitation for you to join the campaign.

Support Forge Today

Thank you for making a 3-year commitment and for setting up a secure online donation.

Pledge Card

Online Giving

Fact Sheet

First page of the PDF file: FactSheet

Campaign Information

The Executive Team at Grace Church hired The Steier Group (TSG), a national fundraising company to lead the campaign efforts. John Dillin is our Campaign Representative from TSG. Alongside John, the Executive Team selected Jason DiFraia to be the Campaign Lead for our Building a Center of Hope and Forging the Future Together capital campaign. As a volunteer, Jason has given and will continue to give his time on the weekends and selected weekdays to ensure the success of this capital campaign.

John Dillin, Jason DiFraia, and other campaign volunteers will be reaching out to invite your participation in the planning study feedback and campaign efforts.

Contact Jason DiFraia, Campaign Lead @ Send an email 
Contact John Dillin, Campaign Manager @ Send an email 

For more information about Grace Church and how this project began, visit the Grace Church website

We look forward to Building a Center of Hope and Forging the Future Together!