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Get your associate's Degree in High School!

Graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree from Colorado Christian University while attending Forge Christian High School.

Small Class Size

With a 20:1 teacher/student ratio, knowledgeable and dedicated teachers give precision focus to students, challenging and equipping their minds while supporting character development. Teachers genuinely care about impacting the students they serve and educate through defined classroom management and setting expectations early in the school year.

Curriculum Integrated with Faith

To provide the best possible education, we use a variety of curricula and resources in every subject area, helping our students rank high by national standards. We teach all subjects through a purpose-driven, Biblical worldview lens so students learn how to discern, become critical thinkers, and apply Christian values to all areas of life.

Tailored Academic Support

Our staff is trained to assess each student to provide the specific support they need to succeed. Whether a student needs extra support to grasp concepts or requires advanced opportunities to move above their grade level, we are equipped to assist their educational journey. Students can explore and develop their talents through a variety of elective classes, including ceramics, choir, robotics, and creative writing.

Dual Credit and Honors Classes

Forge offers AP and dual-credit courses with 40+ college credit hours available. Qualified Forge instructors teach these honors courses; college credit is available through Colorado Christian University. More than 5,800 credit hours have been earned in six years by our juniors and seniors at Faith. This is an exciting legacy to continue at Forge. These honors courses are available in math, science, language arts, history, and social science.

Homework Expectations

We believe a strong work ethic is essential for students because they will be more successful in college and their careers. We do require homework; however, it is monitored to ensure the amount of homework is reasonable and reinforces what the students are learning during the school day. 

Course Descriptions

First page of the PDF file: ForgeChristianHighSchoolCourseDescriptions