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Academic Support


line of graduates holding diplomas in hand

We aim to provide our students with varied learning opportunities and prepare them for college or career life. Our students will experience challenging courses and specialty extracurricular choices to expand their brain development and explore their interests.

We will ensure that each student is cared for and no one falls through the cracks. Because we have a smaller teacher-to-student ratio (1:20 ), we can provide our students are being challenged and developed where they need extra help. 

We have nearly a 100% graduation rate. The majority of students who choose college attend the college of their choice.

Get your associate's Degree in High School!

We offer students an opportunity to graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree from Colorado Christian University while attending Forge Christian High School!

We are pleased to offer a variety of extracurriculars and programs that promote academic success.

  • Mock Trial Team 
  • Speech & Debate Team
  • National Honor Society
  • STEM
  • Robotics
  • College Campus Visits 
  • College Preparation with Guidance Counselors 
  • Career Days: Presentations by professionals on campus
  • Freshman Seminars offered by Guidance Counselors

Forge is excited to continue the academic excellence legacy of these recent honors:

– National Merit Scholar Finalist: 2022, 2021, 2018

– Boettcher Scholarship Winner: 2020, 2015, 2012

This prestigious scholarship is awarded to students who choose to continue their higher education in Colorado. There are approximately 2,000 applicants each year, with awards given to the top candidates.
Boettcher Foundation  

– Military Academy Appointments: 2016, 2012 

College Scholarships awarded to the 2022 graduating class: $6,138,786

- Total Academic Scholarship Offered: $5,636,786

- Total Athletic Scholarship Offered: $502,000

**Scholarship totals are based on reported money offered and calculated over four years.

Our students have attended the top colleges and universities of their choice, representing over 310 over the last 10+ years.