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Forge’s intention is that school athletics, intramural, and interscholastic programs exist to glorify God, promote inter-personal relationships, build healthy bodies, and enable students to apply biblical principles.

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Eligibility for Sports

Students who receive a minimum of three “D’s” or one “F” in a weekly eligibility report will be ineligible for all sports during the following week. The student may practice during the week of ineligibility, but may not participate in games. If a student receives two or more “F’s” at the completion of a semester, the student becomes ineligible for the first nine weeks of the next semester. Any student may choose to remediate up to two “F’s” through Forge-approved courses and regain eligibility upon remediation of the failed courses. Make-up of failed courses may only occur during the summer.

Any student who moves from in-building learning to the online program due to disciplinary action is ineligible to participate in any intramural or interscholastic event competition for nine school weeks. Following the nine-week period, the student’s conduct, attitude, and actions may be reviewed by administration, the Athletic Director, and coaching staff to determine if eligibility is to be reinstated.

School Attendance Requirement for Participation

An athlete must be in school for a full day on a game day or a half day on a practice day in order to be eligible to participate in a game or practice that day. If a player misses school because of health or disciplinary reasons, that student may not practice that day. If an athlete misses school on a Friday, they may not play in a Friday game, but may play in a Saturday game. Students may miss school for prescheduled appointments and still practice or play that day. Exceptions may be granted by the school administration if it is deemed that the absence was caused by an emergency beyond the control of the student.

Colorado High School Activities Association

Forge Christian High School believes that it is valuable to have quality competition with well-trained teams. Therefore, Forge has joined CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) and has the opportunity to compete at the high school level in state tournaments for all sanctioned sports. In addition, Forge Christian High School is a member of the Metropolitan League and competes with public, charter, private, and Christian schools.

Forge believes that fellowship with Christian teams is helpful, but the opportunity to be a light to the world by being good examples to public schools is equally important. As a result, spectators, coaches, parents/guardians and players have an opportunity to represent Jesus and encourage all athletic opponents.

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