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School Closing Protocol

Emergency School Closing

In case of inclement weather, TV channels 4, 7, 9, and 31 will broadcast information regarding school closings. Beginning no later than 6:00am, announcements inform listeners if school is closed. School closure decisions are based on weather conditions for the school’s immediate area. As weather conditions can vary greatly throughout our attendance area, parents/guardians are encouraged to use discretion in making travel plans both to and from school. We always want individual families to make choices on these days which prioritize safety.

Online Instruction Protocol

In the event that Forge needs to make up a cancelled school day, an online instruction day will be scheduled. Any online days will be in place of a traditional school day. If the canceled school day is a block day, the next traditional school day will be utilized to make up the missed block day. Prior to the online day, teachers will have posted their assignments in FACTS. Learning activities will be constructed for each of the five subject areas: Bible, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Math. A specific due date will be established based upon the school calendar. Typically, students will have multiple days in which to complete the online make-up school day assignments.