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Student Life

Student Life

Student Life is robust at Forge Christian High School. Our goal is to help our students find and follow Jesus and love as He did. That means building bonds across grade levels and interests and serving together for God's purposes. Our staff is dedicated to mentoring and loving our next generation of students to empower them to have a purpose for Christ and to make their school a place where everyone is included and loved.


Student Clubs

Chess Club 
Fall Play
International Club
Mock Trial
National Honor Society
Pep Band
Robotics Team
Sports Team Manager
Spring Musical
Student Council/Leadership

Youth Group

We encourage our students to be a part of their church youth group. We have many churches represented at our school, and many of these youth programs guide and grow students for Christ and help us develop the next generation for Christ. 

Grace Church of Arvada has an amazing weekly program on Tuesday nights if you need a place to plug into.

Grace Students

Serving and Mission Opportunities

Students can serve our community with various events and initiatives provided by our Center of Hope. This partnership between our Grace Church ministry and Forge families will be ongoing and beneficial for our community!

We are excited to be able to provide local, national, and international mission opportunities in the future. We know these experiences are a huge success for our students' spiritual growth, and we are excited to see where we can partner with God for these opportunities. 

There are no events to display
There are no events to display

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