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Support our school through your Fan Gear purchases. A percentage of all purchases will return to our school!

The Forge Fan Site store will open on the 1st of each month for seven days. Shipments take 2-3 weeks from the store closing date. *New Items will be added periodically, so check each sale.

How The Store Works:

  1. Store Details:

We will generally open the first seven days of the month, but there are some special occasions we will open twice that month. For instance: Back to School in August, Homecoming in October, Christmas Sales in December, etc.

Please plan ahead, as shipments will take 2-3 weeks from the store closing date.

  1. Communication:

We will email, post on social media, update our website and text with our new sales link each month. Communication will be provided a few days before the sale starts and before the sale is due to close.

New items added for each sale to keep options exciting!

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Check out the selection of Fan Gear.

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